Meg McDonald

Meg McDonald BA(Hons), BSc(Ost)

Meg is a Healer (qualified College of Healing 2004) and a Cranial Osteopath (qualified University College of Osteopathy 1992). She works full time as a therapist and runs her own complementary health centre in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. She is part of the Advanced Healing Group at the College of Healing and has participated in many courses and groups over the years.

She says “I have recently started teaching with the College as I feel this training is unique and covers aspects of energy work that seem absent in many other approaches, especially the Health and Safety issues that are so crucial to understand if you are to work effectively as a healer.
I find that the understanding I gained from this training is equally as useful in my healing and my osteopathy work and that the two approaches overlap more and more as time goes on.
I love meeting the huge variety of people who choose to train with the College and enjoy supporting them through the exciting (and challenging) 2 year journey that is the Practitioner Course.”