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Courses in Japan



Since 2010 The College of Healing has been offering Spiritual and Energy Healing courses in Fukuoka, in the state of Kyushu, South of Japan.  This has been made possible through the dedication and hard work of our graduate Healer, Elida Maria Matsumoto and supported by tutors from England who have visited Japan. Over the years that the College of Healing has been established in Japan we have run various Foundation Courses and Practitioner Courses.

Elida runs the Foundation Courses in Fukuoka. There are also plans to run Foundation Courses in Tokyo which could be tailored specifically for business workers and general company employees.


Message from Elida Maria in Japan:

Japan-healing-courses-4I would like to share, with all members, my great pleasure in bringing the COH to Japan and to announce that my big dream, to offer the College of Healing Foundation course  to Japanese people, in Japan, came true.

I completed the full Diploma course in April 2009 and one of the activities I documented in my portfolio was a Healing Performance where I introduced the COH to my colleagues. I started my Healing activities in Japan using Art Therapy and because the clients bought spiritual contents for the sessions, I decided to go deeper and study, as well as possible, research into Healing and Spiritual contents.

After the fourth block of the Diploma I came back to Japan with the intention of running both the Foundation and Diploma courses and determined to start teaching the Diploma course myself. 

My city is Fukuoka, in the state of Kyushu, in the South of Japan. I choose to run this course in the central area of Fukuoka and my main goal is to share what I have learnt from the COH in a way where people can enjoy the event and receive information such as “What is Healing?”, “What are the chakras, and where are they?”

Contact Elida Maria Matsumoto: