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Corona Virus – COVID 19

We will resume our postponed courses as soon as possible. Meanwhile some of our distant healing groups will carry on their work where possible by meeting over electronic networks.

Latest research reveals Healing’s efficacy

Findings from research by the University of Exeter Medical School have been published in the peer reviewed publication “Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice”.  We are delighted to share the results.

This CHO-funded study into UK based spiritual/energy healers and their clients, shows that the majority of recipients had a positive experience and felt instant benefit or immediate improvement.

  • The main reasons for consulting were mental health issues and/or pain; many had multiple health problems.
  • 93% reported immediate benefit. Outcomes included relaxation, improved wellbeing and less pain
  • 27% of respondents reported some unusual sensory experience whilst receiving Healing.

These findings are important because they imply that Healing could offer significant benefit, in particular to those people experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, or chronic pain, adding weight to the case for an integrated approach to healthcare, with Healing offered alongside more traditional treatments.

The research also highlights that clients visited the healer for their ability to provide relief on mental, physical and emotional levels holistically. Many reported some sort of sensory experience whilst the healing took place, which suggests that something special is happening as the healers work. Professor Paul Dieppe, who conducted the research, feels that this will “make life more difficult for those who are sceptical about healing and dismiss it as ‘just placebo effect’ – although a safe, good placebo should never be dismissed.”

The findings are an important addition to research around Healing because they focus on what clients experience, rather than whether or not Healing works. It builds on earlier meta-analysis research commissioned by the CHO (which showed that healing does work).

You may download the full report from the CHO’s Research section at:

If Healing is to survive we all need to take responsibility for promoting it as a practice and raising awareness of the benefits that it brings.  We feel that this report goes some way toward doing that.

Please feel free to share the link with your audiences, through websites, or through social media, to play a part in promoting the practice of Healing.

Thank you so much for taking part – without your input the survey would not have been possible.

With best wishes,

Sue Knight – Chief Executive, Confederation of Healing Organisations

Diane O’Connell talk at the Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Show, 6 July 2019

One of the big issues of our time is stress and ill health and how this affects our national economy and our individual lifestyle. Bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep etc. all affects our energy system (mind/body/spirit) and over time will make us out of balance. Unless we are able to correct this imbalance, any lifestyle changes that we try to make can be really difficult. It is important that we start to bring our energy back into balance so that the lifestyle changes have a good effect. Learn simple self-healing techniques to help you in your daily life.

Diane will be talking on this at the Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham on 6th July 2019 as part of the Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Show. Details can be found at these links:

2019 dates now available for Advanced Healing Module 2 – Exploring Negative Energies

This module will be running over 2 blocks of 3 days each on the following dates: 4-6 October 2019 and 8-10 November 2019.

Full details and a link to an application form can be found here: Advanced Healing Modules

Practitioner Course 2019 start date postponed

The start date for the Practitioner Course starting in 2019 has been postponed to September.  The new dates for all the modules of the course are now available here: Practitioner Course

New Article

You can download a new article based on the paper from Prof. Paul Dieppe, Exeter University, published in the Journal of Holistic Healthcare here: ArtHealingScienceCure.