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Practitioner Course October Weekend 2021


Teaching for the College

On 6th December 2020 we ran “An Online Introduction to Teaching The Foundation Course for anyone who had completed the College of Healing’s Practitioner or Diploma Course. It was an opportunity to spread the word about Healing, to develop new skills and to introduce more people to the College, to learn about course content, practicalities of running a course, running costs and potential earnings, support and mentoring from COH. The cost was £10.00.

Diane O’Connell talk at the Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Show, 6 July 2019

One of the big issues of our time is stress and ill health and how this affects our national economy and our individual lifestyle. Bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep etc. all affects our energy system (mind/body/spirit) and over time will make us out of balance. Unless we are able to correct this imbalance, any lifestyle changes that we try to make can be really difficult. It is important that we start to bring our energy back into balance so that the lifestyle changes have a good effect. Learn simple self-healing techniques to help you in your daily life.

Diane spoke on this at the Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham on 6th July 2019 as part of the Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing Show. Details at these links:



You can download an article based on the paper from Prof. Paul Dieppe, Exeter University, published in the Journal of Holistic Healthcare here: ArtHealingScienceCure.