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    Fran Doidge

    Annie Drury
    Thank you Annie for sharing this useful case with us
    July 2014
    I was asked to send healing to a friend’s husband (client) who has suffered with progressively acute lower back pain and fatigue for about six years. While seeking treatment through conventional avenues and holistic practitioners, he had gained little relief.
    In talking to the husband, I learnt of his concern regarding his younger boss at work, who he felt protective towards, since he’d seen him struggling to cope emotionally after the death of his wife about six years earlier. ‘Bells’ were already ringing for me as a healer, around the timing and rescuing that seemed part of the equation. The younger boss also displayed a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ type character and would appear to be over-shadowed by an aggressive looking persona who was very demanding.
    I, in fact, did the healing over three sessions. Initially, I looked at the client and it looked as if he was carrying a weight on his back, which I cleared by lifting it off and sending it, with the help of earth elementals, to its own sphere of evolution. I then sieved him, re-balanced him and reinforced his protection.
    Afterwards, he gave me the feedback, that he “felt much lighter and had more energy”.
    I gave him some suggestions on how he could better look after himself energetically and, I asked if he would check with his boss if I could look into the work environment, which fortunately was agreed to, as he (the boss) felt he was struggling too and had seen an improvement in the husband, my client.
    The second session focused on the working environment and the dynamics between the two men. My energetic assessment of the boss led me to feel that there was a karmic scenario between the two and after checking with my Higher-self, I felt I had permission to go ahead and clear what I could. The younger man was fearful and still grieving for his wife; he had been left with their daughter to bring up. In his fear and the added responsibility he felt, he had created a ‘powerful’ thought-form which needed to be sustained by pulling energy from outside of itself, and my client was the easiest target, due to his connection with and need to rescue his colleague. My client’s increasing back pain and exhaustion was a result of this energetic interplay. I felt they were father and son in another time and that the karma between them could now be released.
    Clearing the thought-form, de-linking the two and then re-balancing both of them had a profound effect on each individually and their joint working dynamics. The boss became more considerate of his colleague, lightening his responsibilities and much happier in himself. My client’s back pain has progressively improved and he had sought regular massage.
    There is still some growth and learning in this situation with my client, as he has apparently felt a little ‘lost and redundant’ since the healing.
    In the third and last session, I double-checked the healing done and there was nothing else I could do. I think this is an important step with more complex healing cases.
    This is a particularly interesting case because of the different layers i.e. the human dynamic, awareness and insight that created the client’s vulnerability; their karma; and the metaphysical elements which called for compassionate healing and negative energy work (de-linking from each other and clearing the thought-form). Regarding feedback, the client had some psychic awareness and metaphysical knowledge, so I felt that I could be quite explicit with the feedback. This might not always be the case and discernment is paramount. It also demonstrated the profound and almost simultaneous changes that can occur when clearing and healing negative energy situations.

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