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    Rachel had experienced a problem with getting a full night’s sleep since her menopause. She had not had many night sweats and her hot flushes during the day were manageable. She has had good health until this time and she has a balanced diet. As a therapist for 20 years she has found it a challenge to earn her living and she knew she had an underlying anxiety regarding getting enough work to pay her bills.
    She had already explored homeopathy and she is a Healer so she has for many years taken responsibility for her own energy balance. So why was she still having problems sleeping? She takes magnesium and multi-vitamins and also P5P from cytoplan when she has not slept well that night to support her adrenal glands.
    The main area of her energy matrix which was not in balance was the mental body of her aura. This felt very busy and it felt like it was being a bit of a bully over the other levels of the aura; draining energy at their expense. It would help Rachel if she could stay ‘in the moment’ rather than thinking about the things which needed to be done next. Although she knew the wisdom in this she found this incredibly difficult. Although she knew the value of being grounded and was able, to a large extent, to keep grounded there was still something which compromised her grounding. She attended 2 weekly Healing sessions with regular rebalancing of the mental level of the aura.
    I asked her to not only keep in the moment but to remain in her sacral chakra as much as she could. We created a visualisation which she could do every 30 minutes to bring her back to this place when her mind had taken over again. She regularly uses the sieving exercise (see the tools and techniques forum) and balances her chakras. When she wakes in the night she breathes down to her feet taking longer out breaths than in breaths. I suggested that she did regular self-massage to keep her in her body and to do stretches before she goes to bed to relieve any latent tightness which may stop her sleeping.
    She also at this time consulted a kinesiologist who advised her to take iodine which suggests that her thyroid gland is under performing. She has also bought an anti-magnetic field device to put under her pillow as she, unfortunately, sleeps above a computer server. She has done a detox which helped her to sleep and is exploring now which things she has to omit from her diet to help her sleep.
    The outcome is that this is an on-going process which is nearly resolved and is no longer affecting her quality of life. She thinks now that sometimes the energies around us keep her awake and that, at these times, there is something which she is processing on a deeper level. She finds it easier when she accepts this is true and does not fight this as her general quality of life is not affected to any large degree. She continues to attend Healing on a 2 monthly basis which she feels supports her and allows a space which allows anything which is underlying in her psyche/sub-conscious to rise to her consciousness and be heard and sent Healing. The role of her Healing sessions are to keep her balanced and to give her space to consider the best ways to help herself and find the best ways to support herself.

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