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    David Balen

    Are you new to using online Forums? In here you will find comprehensive instructions on how to use the CoH Members Forums. A step-by-step guide to setting up your own profile through to participation in discussions & finally setting up your own discussion points, should you wish to.

    Getting Access to the Forums

    1. As members of the CoH you will be given a username & password. This username will give you access rights not just as a Subscriber to the usual CoH website, but also Contributor rights to the CoH Members Forum.
    2. 1 Log inTo log in to the Forum, please go to the Members page which can be found here: Enter you username & password in the boxes in the right hand toolbar.
    3. 2 All the forumOnce logged in, the Members Forums will unlock for you, & you will presented with all of the topics under discussion.

    Setting up Personal Profiles

    1. Now you are logged in, it is probably best to set up your personal profile. Your profile is what is going to be seen by other Members of the CoH, & you are able to add your own profile photo, pictures & website links. You can access your profile via ‘Profile Tools’, which can be found in the right hand toolbar. Click on ‘Profile’.
    2. 3 User Profile ToolsThe Profile Tools screen looks like this:
      Edit: Change you username.
      Change Profile Photo: Upload a current picture of yourself.
      Notifications: Messages from The CoH
      Messages: Messages from other CoH Members. More of this facility below.
      Forums: A list if Forum topics you have created, & discussions you are involved in.
      Media: A place to upload photos & videos of yourself, to enhance you profile.
      Settings: Change you password or email address associated with the CoH Members Forum
    3. 4 Messages inboxMessages. You can directly access personal messages sent through the CoH Members Forum, by clicking the link under ‘Profile Tools’. You will be greeted by an email inbox. From here, you can read & compose messages to other CoH Members.
      All messages sent via the CoH Members Forum are private between users, & cannot be read by CoH or website administrators. The are not however, a secure messaging system, so please do not transmit any sensitive information such as credit card details.

    Forums & Sub Forums

    1. 5 Forums and sub forumsThe CoH have set up Forums according to what they feel cover issues in Healing. Some of these Forums in turn have sub forums. For example, within ‘Groups, Workshops & Events’ is divides into ‘Monthly & Weekly Group Meetings’, ‘Upcoming Member Workshops’ & ‘Upcoming Events’
    2. 7 Topic ListsOnce within a Forum, you will be presented with a list of Topics currently being discussed. The Topics are presented in such a way that the Topic most recently discussed, comes first on the Topics list.

    Starting Topics & Discussions

    1. 8 Posting BoxWithin each Forum, you are able to either start your own Topic for discussion, or reply to another Members topic, to engage & continue discussion on their Topic.
      Both replying to a Topic & starting your own Topic is done using the Posting Box. You will find this Posting Box at the bottom of the screen, either on the Forum home screen, or within a Topic which has already been created.
    • Top of Screen
      b: Bold you texti: Italic you text
    • link: insert hyperlink into your Post
    • b-quote: Block quote your text i.e. if you directly quote someone.
    • del: strike through your text.
    • 9 Copy image URLimg: insert an image into your Post. You will need to insert a link to where the image is. To do this, locate the image online, right click on the image & select ‘Copy Image URL’. From here, go back to your Forum Posting, click the ‘img’ button & paste the URL into the box.
    • ul: Unordered list – tabs items in one space, to stand out as a list
    • ol: Ordered list – tabs items in two spaces, to stand out as a list
    • Bottom of Screen
      Smileys: To insert a smiley into your post, place your cursor where you would like the smiley to appear, & then click the smiley you would like. The smiley facility inserts some code, & this will appear correctly when another Member is viewing your post.
    • Tags: tag your Post with descriptive key words, to help other Forum Members easily find your Post
      Attachments: Attach an image to your post. This pcture will need to be on your local PC & be uploaded to your CoH Post. All files must be under 0.5mb in size.
    • All Forum Posts can be edited after they have been posted. Do not be afraid to Post a Reply or start a Topic. Posting is the very essence of a Forum, so CoH would rather someone Post & have to correct it, than not Post anything at all!

     Subscribe & Favourites

    1. 10 Favrourite SubscribeSubscribe. At the top of the screen on the Forum home screen & within individual Topics, there is a ‘Subscribe’ button. You can subscribe on a certain Topic or Forum, so that you receive an email when someone replies in that discussion.
      If someone replies to a Topic which you have started, the CoH Forums are set so that you receive an email by default.
    2. Favourite. Favorites are like bookmarks and can be viewed / shared with other CoH Members on the site. Favourites are stored within your Personal Profile & can be viewed by other CoH Members.


    If you have any problems using the CoH Member Forums, please don’t just struggle. Just send a message to website admin by visiting:

    With your feedback, we can continue to amend these instructions, so that all issues are covered, & we have a comprehensive guide to using the Members Forum

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