The Golden Circle

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    Fran Doidge

    Sun rising over rocks

    The Universal source (US) is trying to give all that we wish. Because we have free will the US has to wait until we ask for something before it’s able to be given. This means that we have to be extremely clear about what we choose. THEN the US needs us to open to receiving that which we have called on; to open to the abundance and know we can/are worthy to receive. ALSO the US needs us to know that our wishes begin to manifest at the finer vibration which we are not aware of and then filter down to the more dense physical matter. The more we trust the faster this happens.
    REMEMBER that not all that you wish for is for your highest good and so we have to let go of our expectations and then something more magical happens.

    So here is the exercise which I have used many times which I offer to you here. You can use it when you are looking for a house or a partner. You can use it to describe your life as a whole; or for anything which you choose to bring into your life. Clarity is all.

    The Golden Circle

    1. Draw a large circle on a large piece of paper and make sure there are no gaps.

    2. Put inside the circle all that you want – be as selfish as you can! That’s physical eg house, emotional eg happy and spiritual eg fulfilled

    3. Put outside the circle what you don’t want any more – you’ll enjoy that!!

    4. Take about a week to do this as things will crop up during this week which will prompt you to put other things down which you would have forgotten

    5. Then, when it’s ready, let your circle go – by burning it or burying it or scrunch it up and put it on a stream

    6. The most important bit is to trust it is already happening now in the “ether” and say “Thank you”

    7. Do not keep a copy but just keep trusting that it is all happening and there for you it’s just you holding it back!

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