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    Fran Doidge

    Oak Tree

    This is the meditation which we often send to those people who have asked for Distant Healing.
    Relaxation will help us during times of stress and we also recommend meditation We all find it difficult during meditation to keep our thoughts on the meditation.
    Do not be hard on yourself. When your thoughts wander speak to yourself as you would speak to a puppy dog, with understanding and patience; ‘come back and be calm’
    Please note; at the end of each meditation make sure that you feel rebalanced and grounded.
    Take time to feel you are fully back and conscious and have a drink of water if possible.
    ‘When the breath wanders the mind is also unsteady; but when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still and the yogi achieves long life’.
    Hatha yoga Pradipik

    1. Relaxing the body

    Imagine that you put down anything which would invade this time for you outside the door when you entered the room
    Sit quietly and observe yourself and your body – you think it’s relaxed
    Now focus on each part of the body at a time – you feel more relaxed
    Then go inwards to your heart – feel as calm as you can
    Starting from your feet clench your feet for a few moments and then relax, feel the relaxation for a few seconds.
    Repeat all the way up the body and finish with breathing up and down the whole body 3 times, finishing at your feet.
    ‘I feel relaxed’
    2. The tree and water lily meditation

    Imagine you are an oak tree
    For a moment feel the sun shining down around you and on your leaves
    Begin by centring yourself by breathing up and down the trunk for 5 breaths
    Bring your attention to your roots and imagine them growing deep within the earth, your roots holding onto a rock deep within the earth if you can
    Think about the strength of Mother Earth here; how she is able to generate so much abundance in the spring. How it’s all waiting there to emerge and grow.
    With the next in breath bring up the strength of Mother Earth there and the water and nutrients around your roots up through the trunk bringing them up to the leaves where starches are built up
    Sense the warmth of the sun shining down on the leaves and your tree is able to use the carbon dioxide in the air to build up the starches
    See above your tree a pink water lily which represents the love which is around you all the time.
    Sense the leaves reaching up to the sun; feel the sun on your leaves; feel the love of the water lily then draw the energy of the sun and the water lily plus the starches back down again (with the out breath) to the roots.
    Focus on the feeling of the warmth of the sun and the love of the water lily soaking into the whole tree as you draw them down the trunk towards the earth
    Bring Mother Earth, the water and nutrients (in breath) back up to the leaves again and the starches and the love of the water lily back down (out breath) to the roots again
    Repeat the in and out breath up and down the trunk 5 times
    Now see that you are in the centre of a glade in the middle of the forest and the trees around you are protecting you; or your tree is in a field if this feels more comfortable.
    See a rainbow above you and surrounding you. See the bright colours within the rainbow and see that the rainbow reaches into the earth under your roots and so it is all around you
    Choose one or two colours and fill the space between the rainbow and your tree with this(ese)colour(s)
    Breathe in and out 10 times and sense how the colours gradually, with time, fill your body too. They are balancing your whole being
    ‘I feel safe’
    Finish in your roots and stay in your roots for a few minutes if you are able
    Gently bring yourself back into the room and make sure that you feel centred and grounded
    You may like to write down any thought which came to you during your meditation which gave you some insight into something which has been troubling you

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