Application for Membership through Prior Learning


If you are a Professional Healer and wish to become a Member of the College of Healing Membership Association and have received your training from a different organisation, you will be required to show evidence of prior learning.


Applications from Healers trained with other organisations;

This process is straightforward and involves, in brief, submission of CV and references, followed by a discussion with two College of Healing tutors. Full details of the process is provided below:

  • Request an application form and return to us with a copy of your current Curriculum Vitae plus copies of your qualifications and £175.00 application fee.
  • Assessment of the application is then carried out by two tutors, with references requested and supplied. If the applicant is unsuccessful in this initial application, they will be informed and the application fee, less a £50.00 administration charge, will be returned.
  • If the applicant is successful i.e. has the required sufficient understanding of Healing to progress, they are invited to attend an interview with two College of Healing tutors. The interview lasts for approximately 1 – 2 hours and includes an assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of Healing, together with a demonstration of their Healing ability.
  • If an applicant is unsuccessful at this stage i.e. does not meet the required standard, they will be informed in writing and offered one of the following options:
  • Submission of additional work for example; Healing case studies and/or comprehensions on specified topics, in order to further demonstrate their understanding of Healing. There is a £50.00 fee for this assessment.
  • Attend additional tuition for example, one-to-one tutorial sessions or other specified healing courses, in order to bring the applicant’s Healing to the required standard. Additional costs for courses are arranged between the applicant and course provider; additional costs for tuition are arranged between the applicant and tutor.
  • Rejection of the Membership Application in writing, with reasons.
  • Successful applicants are invited to join the College of Healing Members Association (CoHMA), at which time they are issued with a Certificate of Membership. They are required to pay membership subscription fees for the year or pro-rata for part of the year. Should the applicant wish to take out insurance through the CoH block scheme, this cost is additional to the monies already paid.
  • There is an appeal process for applicants that are assessed by the College of Healing Core Group, in conjunction with the Tutor Group.

Total Costs involved in Membership Application

  • Application Fee: £175.00.
  • Cost of Member in Practice membership; £55 full year, or pro rata for part year.
  • Insurance fees (unless you are able to show a relevant insurance document).

Additional Costs (if applicable)

  • Additional written work assessments: £50.00.
  • Additional tuition and courses: £ variable.

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