Online Introduction to Teaching the Foundation Course

Join us online for “An Online Introduction to Teaching The Foundation Course.”

Date: Sunday 6th December 2020 from 10.30am to 1.30pm (3 hours).

Cost: £10.00

For anyone who has completed the College of Healing’s Practitioner or Diploma Course.

Opportunity to spread the word about Healing.

Opportunity to develop new skills.

Opportunity to introduce more people to the College.

–     Learn about course content

–     Learn about practicalities of running a course

–     Find out about running costs and potential earnings

–     Find out about support and mentoring from COH

–     Q&A with 2 experienced healers who run this course

“To all those fully qualified Members who would like to become a tutor for the Foundation Course; Sarah, Meg and Lizzy would gladly welcome you to attend this online meeting to learn how we facilitate the Foundation Healing Curriculum.

We love teaching the College of Healing Foundation curriculum as we can see how students grow in confidence when learning how to heal self, immediate family and friends. You will see the benefits of teaching the Safety aspects of healing as the students learn the skills necessary for progressing to the next stage “The Practioner’s Course.”

So join Sarah Cowell, Meg McDonald and Lizzy on Sunday 6th December.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Meg McDonald, Sarah Cowell, Lizzy Gunning MCOH

To book your place please contact