Spiritual healing is the transmission of Universal energy, whatever we conceive that to be. The healer can facilitate a return to wholeness through the directed transmission of this healing energy which in turn may stimulate the innate self-healing ability of the recipient.

Energy Healing is where an understanding of the chakras and the aura is introduced into the healing process to enable the healer to focus on the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit.

The Healer believes that the body itself is part of an energy system which, if it gets out of balance in any way, or suffers trauma, can eventually lead to dis-ease. Healing can help bring about a return to balance and harmony.

The College of Healing courses provide training at all levels and are suitable for people who have only a basic knowledge, through to those who wish to build on their experience of Spiritual and Energy Healing.

The courses can be taken by people for many different reasons, including:

– To become a professional Healer;

– To offer Healing to family and friends;

– For self-development and personal growth.



You can read about one person’s journey into healing in  A Healer’s Story

There are 3 stages or levels to the training:

1. Foundation Course – 4 days
2. Practitioner Course – 2 years over 12 weekends
3. Advanced Healing Modules –  usually 6 days per module

The courses are taught by experienced Tutors and Trainers who continue to give support and guidance throughout the courses.  There is often a Trainee Tutor present on the Practitioner Course and Advanced Healing Modules to give additional support.

A certificate is provided on completion of each course.

The Practitioner Course is accredited by UK Healers and meets National Occupational Standards.  On completing the Practitioner Course the Healer is able to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT).

The College of Healing is a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO). Our Chair of Trustees, David Balen, sits on the board of UK Healers (UKH) which is  recognised by the GRCCT and the CNHC.  The UKH is also a verifying body for the CNHC.

Anyone who has completed 4 of the Advanced Healing Modules will also be awarded a Diploma level accreditation.

CourseDurationLearning OutcomeEntry level
Foundation Course (UK)4 days split up in various ways depending on the tutor offering the courseUnderstanding of Self care and Self Healing; Fundamental understanding of Spiritual & Energy Healing;
Able to give Healing to family & friends
Foundation Course (Japan)6 days plus an assessment dayFundamental understanding of Spiritual & Energy HealingBeginner
Understanding of Self care and Self HealingBeginner
Able to give Healing to family & friendsBeginner
Practitioner Course in Spiritual and Energy Healing12 weekends over 2 yearsIn depth understanding of Spiritual & Energy HealingIntroductory certificate
Able to work in a professional capacityEvidence of prior learning
Healer registration with CNHC or GRCCT
Advanced Healing Modules6 days per module, split up in various ways depending on the tutorsAdvanced learning to highest UK standardPractitioner Certificate
Satisfies CPD requirementEvidence of prior learning
Development of specialist skills, according to Healer's choice
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