Advanced Healing Modules

COH-Logo-WPThe College of Healing Advanced Healing Modules offer you some of the most advanced training in Spiritual and Energy Healing in the UK.
These modules are offered to Professional Healers who are trained to the National Occupational Standard of Healing and wish to develop their Healing practice to the highest possible level.

There are 6 different Advanced Healing Modules available although not all are currently scheduled. Please scroll down this page for a synopsis of each one, including dates, where available. Some additional information is available on ADH1 and ADH2 via links in the synopsis.

The Advanced Healing Modules are applicable to Healers as:

  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) study;  to become highly specialised in specific fields of Spiritual and Energy Healing.
  • Additional knowledge, understanding and self development, to enable you to increase your professional reputation to the highest possible UK standard.


  • To provide in depth knowledge in specialist areas of Spiritual and Energy Healing.
  • To ensure that all Healers receive the individual attention they require for their own personal growth and development.
  • To fully equip Healers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to deal with any situation that may arise within the Healer/ client relationship.
  • To provide on going mentoring and guidance from highly experienced Healers.
  • To encourage Healers to convey and represent the Colleges’ vast body of knowledge in Spiritual and Energy Healing.
  • To provide the most comprehensive Healing training in Spiritual and Energy Healing currently available within the United Kingdom.



The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation.

Module 1: Advanced Healing One

  • Introduction and reviewing Energy Medicine and research in the 21st Century
  • Advanced understanding of the Chakras
  • Working with clients who are at the end of their lives
  • Working with clients living with life limiting illnesses and disabilities
  • The Therapeutic Relationship and working with clients with complex needs
  • Past Lives and how they may impact on the Healing Process

Click here for more details but please note that  this module is not currently scheduled.

Download the application form: ADH Application Form

 Module 2: Advanced Healing Two – Exploring Negative Energies

Exploring negative energies, internal and external to include: thought forms, attachments, links, spirit release, sub-personalities

  • How we define negative energies
  • A spiritual perspective on negative energies
  • Developing your yang energy: protection and challenging
  • Clearing links, clearing energy in space and place
  • Negative energies in the aura; how they arise and how to clear them
  • Clearing houses and the workplace
  • Healing cases practical

Click here for more details of the course content.

This module will next run over two blocks of 3 full days, on the following dates:

  • Friday 4 October 2019 – Sunday 6 October 2019
  • Friday 8 November 2019 – Sunday 10 November 2019

Cost in 2019: The cost of the full course is £600.00 for members of the COHMA and £690.00 for non-members.  A deposit of £100.00 will be required on booking. Instalment payment options are available.

There will be an additional fee of £20.00 for assessment at the end of the course. Assessment is optional.

Numbers on the course will be limited to 12.

Tutors: Diane O’Connell and Annie Drury

Venue: Central Malvern, UK

Download the application form: ADH Application Form

Module 3: Working as a Healer with Archetypal Energy

As we grow and develop as a Healer, we start to realise that perhaps the structure or model we were taught by our Teachers and Mentors does not work for everything we may encounter when we work. We may therefore feel that we need to develop further skills and resilience to deal with some of the more complex issues that our clients bring to us as Healers. It is for these issues that we have developed this module.

An understanding of Archetypal Energy can help us by:

  • Recognising there are different energies operating in life
  • That some of these energies we are more familiar with than others
  • That these energies have been around for millennia and have been recognised by different traditions and called different names
  • How myths and fairy tales reflect many of these energies
  • How they operate within us as we are made up of these different energies
  • How we can use them as Healers to help our clients come to terms with the different energies within themselves and their environments
  • How we can use this understanding for our own self-healing.

In this module we explore the different energies and how they affect our lives and how we can connect with them for healing ourselves and others.

Module 4: Working as a Healer with Elemental Energy

Our environment and place have a power to affect us and influence our lives in a subtle way.

This module will help you to explore, understand and work with the energies of Air Earth, Fire and Water and their context in our lives and those of your clients. It will also support you in your healing work whether you are working with individual clients, planetary situations or sending healing to the landscape.

We will cover:

  • The part that Air, Earth, Water and Fire play in life.
  • How an understanding of these elements supports us as healers
  • How these energies work in us and can help us with our own self-healing
  • The interaction between the elemental energy and the human kingdom

Over these 3 weekends you will gain an understanding of these energies which will give you another set of skills to enhance your work as a Healer and your personal spiritual development.

Dates in 2019  Weekend 1: 26-27 January 2019, Weekend 2: 2-3 March 2019, Weekend 3: 6-7 April 2019

Tutors in 2019 Diane O’Connell and David Balen

Cost in 2019 £200.00 per weekend for members of the COHMA; £230.per weekend for non-members. An additional fee for marking of written assessments may apply. (Assessment is optional.)  A certificate will be provided if all requirements of the course and the assessment have been completed.

Download the application form: ADH Application Form

Download a copy of the flyer for Module 4: AdH4-Elementals-Flyer-2019

Module 5: Esoteric Spirituality and how this informs us as Healers

Not currently scheduled

Module 6: Spiritual Leadership; for those wanting to run groups

Not currently scheduled

Personal Study

In additional to attending each module you may also be required to complete the following:

  • A portfolio of assignments;
  • Relevant case studies;
  • A self development journal;
  • Practical and written assessments.



All successful students will receive a College of Healing Certificate.

Further Information

  • These modules are for the Advanced Healer who, to qualify must be either:
    • A Member of the College of Healing Membership Association;
    • Qualified to the level of UK Healers (UKH) National Occupational Standards;
    • Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) or General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapists (GRCCT).
    • Accepted via an interview with a CoH Tutor and can show through Prior Learning that they are qualified to attend.
  • Successful graduates may be awarded full membership of the College of Healing (MCoHMA) and have the opportunity to be registered on the College’s referral list.
  • If you have already gained a qualification through a UK Healers accredited training ( equivalent to our practitioner level) you are eligible to participate in any of these modules to further your knowledge or fulfil your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements.
  • Module fees include all materials and practical assessment. An additional fee for the marking of written assessment may apply. (Assessment is optional.)