Advanced Healing Module 1

The Advanced Healing Module 1 has been developed to increase the knowledge, understanding and skill of Healers so that they are able to work with more difficult and complex cases and is the first of six certificated modules. The successful completion of four of these will enable you to obtain your College of Healing Diploma in Spiritual and Energy Healing.

Module 1 is for all those Healers who have successfully completed the College of Healing Practitioner Course or the old Diploma Course, and is also open to Healers who have studied elsewhere, have an appropriate qualification and/or appropriate experience.

An interview will be necessary for Healers who are not known to The College of Healing

The module will be run over six days helping the Healer to develop and deepen their skills. Each day we will explore a different aspect of Healing, sharing experiences, knowledge and understanding as well as healing, meditation and visualisation techniques that can be used both personally and with our clients.

All participants must have a year’s experience of working as a Contact or Distant Healer within the last two years.

Module 1 will cover:

 Introduction and reviewing Energy Medicine and research in the 21st Century   

It is important that the professional healer is well informed as to current research in Healing and its place in understanding how Spiritual and Energy Healing fits into the modern health framework of energy medicine and conventional healthcare.

The healer will learn ways to conduct their own research and access information.

Advanced understanding of the Chakras          

During this day we will endeavour to deepen our knowledge and experience of the subtle energy system. It is important that a healer can both understand and be more effective in helping the client by incorporating this information into their practices.

Healers will learn techniques to access deeper levels of consciousness and bring healing to the client on a deeper level.

Working with clients who are at the end of their lives  

The work of the Healer sometimes brings them into contact with clients as their lives are ending. This day will bring to the fore both our own attitude to death, and how we might interact and support a client and their family at this crucial time.

Healers will have an opportunity to explore their own attitudes to end of life, as well as learning ways to support the client.

Working with clients living with life limiting illnesses and disabilities         

Understanding the impact of diagnosis, treatment, mental, emotional and lifestyle implications, for those with chronic health conditions.

Healers will learn how they can support the client with chronic health conditions through healing.

The Therapeutic Relationship and working with clients with complex needs.      

This day will explore how the client /healer relationship develops over time, the issues that may occur and the energetic aspects of the relationship.

The healer will also learn how to both support the client and prevent “burn out” in themselves.

Past Lives and how they may impact on the Healing Process

It is well known how the past impacts on the present, whether from this lifetime or others, depending on your belief system. We will explore how healing may be able to mitigate any such impact.

The healer will also learn how to help the client to process issues involving their past through visualisation and energy work.


On-going feedback and assessment will be carried out throughout the Module by the Tutors.

The assessment method for this module will be an in depth case study over six sessions to be completed within three months of the module end.

The Healer will be asked to keep a Personal Development Journal throughout the Module.

Tutors; There will be two Tutors teaching on this module.

Diane O’Connell is one of the Founder Members of The College of Healing and is Director of Education. She was first introduced to healing in 1969 and has run a busy healing therapy practice for many years. She trained as a Relate Counsellor and Psychotherapist, is a member of the Policy Making Council for UK Healers and is Co-Chair of the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

Jean Danford. Qualified in Healing, Yoga Therapy, Colour Therapy, Emotional Therapy, Postural Integration, Jean has been working in the field of personal growth, healing and spirituality for over 35 years, working with both individuals and groups. She has been with the College of Healing since 1990 and a tutor for 26 years.

Venue: tba

Time:   The day will start at 10.30 am and finish at 4.00pm

Cost:     £360.00  Members of College of Healing Membership Association or £450.00  Non-Members

All participants will be charged an extra £20.00 for assessment.

Deposit: £100 with application form. Any outstanding monies can be paid in full at the start of the course or by monthly standing order over the six months.

For booking please download the application form and send to

ADH1 Application Form

Note: The College of Healing reserves the right to cancel scheduled courses if there are insufficient students enrolled. Alternative dates, or a refund of deposit, will be offered in this eventuality.

To receive this information in print, please download the pdf below.

ADH 1 – Information