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Advanced Healing Module 2

Exploring Negative Energies

Module 2 is for all those Healers who have successfully completed the College of Healing Practitioner Course or the old Diploma Course, and is also open to Healers who have studied elsewhere, have an appropriate qualification and/or appropriate experience.

An interview will be necessary for Healers who are not known to The College of Healing

The module will be run either over 3 weekends or over 2 blocks of 3 full days.

All participants must have a year’s experience of working as a Contact or Distant Healer within the last two years.

Course content:

Appropriate application of the Yang Energy in Healing cases
Using the Yang Healing energy to remove energies which are unbalanced and/or in the wrong place; often called negative energies

Course Content – please note that this material will be split differently when the course is run over two blocks of 3 days. 

Weekend 1 Understanding how to work with negative energies; both internal and external

  1. How we define negative energies ie thought forms, attachments, links, spirit release, sub-personalities
  2. A spiritual perspective on negative energies; why a person may become out of balance and experience a negative energy and the learning which results
  3. The Laws of the Cosmos; working within these laws allow us to work safely and understand and respond to difficult situations
  4. Developing your yang energy; protection and challenging and feeling safe to address these situations

Weekend 2 Clearing thought forms, attachments, links and clearing space and place

  1. Detecting Negative energies; including practical
  2. Clearing thought forms and attachments
  3. Clearing links, DNA ancestral links, clearing energy in space and place; including practical
  4. Negative energies in the aura; how they arise how to clear them

Weekend 3 Clearing houses, spirit release and the wider environment

  1. Clearing houses and the workplace
  2. Clearing an environment eg a street or community
  3. In depth Healing cases using this knowledge
  4. Healing cases practical


On-going feedback and assessment will be carried out throughout the Module by the Tutors.

The assessment method for this module will be an in depth case study over six sessions to be completed within three months of the module end.

The Healer will be asked to keep a Personal Development Journal throughout the Module.

Tutors: There will usually be two Tutors teaching on this module.

Venue: Central Malvern

Time:   The days will start at 9.00 am for 9.30 and finish at 5.30pm

Costs:     £600.00 for  Members of the College of Healing Membership Association, £690.00 for non-members.

An additional fee of £20.00 may be applicable for marking assessments. (Assessment is optional.)

Deposit: £100.00 with application form. Any outstanding fees can be paid in full at the start of the course or by monthly standing order over the duration of the course.

To book please download the application form here:  ADH Application Form

Note: The College of Healing reserves the right to cancel scheduled courses if there are insufficient students enrolled. Alternative dates, or a refund of deposit, will be offered in this eventuality.