Foundation Course in Spiritual & Energy Healing (Japan)


The Foundation Course in Spiritual and Energy Healing is run in Japan by Elida Matsumoto, with support from College of Healing colleagues in the UK.
This course has been developed for people who have limited knowledge or experience of Spiritual and Energy Healing and would like to learn more and provides a fundamental understanding of the subject, allowing you to  apply your newly learned skills for self healing or healing friends and family.

Course Topics

  • The link between Spirit, Mind and Body; understanding how the balance between these can impact our health.
  • Relaxation, centring and grounding; staying anchored to reality and balanced under pressure, for calm acceptance, stress release and confidence.
  • The aura and chakras; understanding these subtle energy fields and how defects in these can impact on health and well being.
  • Self healing and visualisation; learning how to use positive imagery and self-suggestion to change emotions to generate a postive impact on the mind and body.
  • Distant Healing; learning how to channel healing energy over any distance for the benefit of friends and family.
  • Contact Healing; learning how to safely channel your subtle energies to bring balance and wellbeing to friends and family.
  • Meditation and self awareness; learning how to control the mind and bring calm, peace and pure happiness.

Course Duration

The course is run over 5 days (two weekends and an assessment day).  All the College of Healing Tutors are highly experienced in Spiritual and Energy Healing and are skilled at introducing the course content with care in a secure and stable environment.

Personal Study

In addition to attending the course you will also be required to complete the following:

  • A self-development journal.
  • A project of 1500 words on any topic related to spiritual and energy healing that is of particular interest to you.

Course Information

  • Course venue; TBA
  • Course dates; TBA

For more information, or to book your place please contact Elida Maria Matsumoto on

0081 -90-7442-0665

or e mail