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Foundation – Spiritual & Energy Healing

Self-Care-Self-healing2All the dates currently offered for this course are at the bottom of this page – please scroll down to see them.

This 4-day Foundation Course will provide you with a basic, fundamental understanding of Self Care, Self-Healing and Spiritual & Energy Healing, enabling you to apply your newly learned skills to to Heal yourself and offer Healing to your family and your friends.

The course is designed to take complete beginners through the first stages of self-development, allowing you to become familiar with basic practices which will give you support throughout your life. You will learn about self-care, the Aura, the Chakras, Meditation and self-reflection.

As the course develops, and you begin to put into practice your new skills, you will discover many things about yourself while growing in confidence and understanding.

At the end of the course you will be ready to practise your healing skills on family and friends. In some areas, ongoing development groups exist which give students the opportunity to continue developing under supervision of the Facilitator.

This is a relatively short course, with immense value for money.

It is particularly beneficial for anyone wishing to improve their own lifestyle, change their work focus or improve their job skills.

The course is not suitable during pregnancy or within 5 years of taking any recreational drugs.

The course is a prerequisite for people wishing to undertake our Practitioner Course in Spiritual and Energy Healing, a 2 year self-development, CNHC registered course which allows you to work as a Healer, seeing clients and running a practice.


Course content

Part 1 – Self-Care, Self-Healing

The first 2-day section of the course focusses on Self-Care and Self-Healing and is designed to help you to increase balance in your life. It provides both practical and theoretical information on lifestyle choices, making positive changes to your life and Healing yourself.

We cover:

  • Understanding how your lifestyle choices impact on your health.
  • The link between spirit, mind and body;  understanding how the balance between these can impact on our health.
  • Relaxation, centering and grounding; staying anchored to reality and balanced under pressure.
  • Making positive changes to your life.
  • Coping with Stress.
  • Meditation and its value.
  • Balancing the Aura.
  • Understanding the Chakras.
  • Visualisation techniques.

Part 2 – Spiritual and Energy Healing

Healing-Introductory-Courses-Lily2The second 2-day section concentrates on Spiritual and Energy Healing and will further develop your skills and understanding of Healing, allowing you to give Healing to family and friends.

We cover:

  • What is Spiritual and Energy Healing?
  • Reading and balancing others’ Aura.
  • Understanding the Chakras, in relation to each other.
  • Channelling Healing energy.
  • How to give distant Healing.
  • How to give one-to-one Healing.

Personal Study

In addition to attending the Foundation Course you are encouraged to develop the various skills you have been taught.


£400.00 to include all teaching and assessments.

A deposit of £100.00 is required to secure a place.

Dates, Times and Venues

The course is run over 4 days, usually split into two weekends but sometimes spread out differently. You will need to be able to attend all the sessions to complete the course. A certificate will be provided to participants who complete the course.

The dates, times and venue for each course are set by the Facilitator running the course and are published on our events calendar as soon as they become available.

How to apply

First make a note of which course start date / venue you’d like to attend – see list below.

Then please click here to read the guidance notes and complete an application form

Course dates currently available

27/28 April and 11/12 May 2024 * Facilitator: Fran Doidge * Venue: Great Malvern * Contact:  mob: 07974 400575

6/7 July & 3/4 August 2024 * Facilitator: Lizzy Gunning * Venue: Bridgnorth * Contact: mob: 07485 133378

Please click here to see  our Events Calendar 

For more information

Please contact us on: 07442 497263 or email: Alternatively, please fill in your details below and we will contact you.

We will never share your details without your consent and you are free to delete your details from our records at any time by emailing  Please also read our Privacy Policy