Holistic Integrative Counselling Certificate

COH-Logo-WP The Holistic Integrative Counselling certificate was initially designed with therapists and Healers in mind, and values their experience and existing skills but recognises the importance of preparing students to become confident and competent in professional counselling training. The programme incorporates a variety of learning opportunities through which the students will develop both their self-awareness, and their knowledge and skills relating to the process of supporting and helping clients and, oneself.

This course not only covers counselling skills, psychological models and an integrative approach to counselling theories but also the energetic dynamics that are inevitably and an integral part of the therapeutic relationship, an understanding of these dynamics and how best to utilize them.

 Course Objectives

Develop and expand the use of counselling skills. The course aims are to:

  • Enable the student to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of a good therapeutic relationship.
  • Look at and compare and contrast several approaches to counselling.
  • Provide a safe environment for students to practice their skills with supervision and constructive feedback.
  • Increase self-awareness and facilitate self-development.
  • Promote group peer support and a tolerance towards others attitudes and belief systems


Course Topics

The course is sectioned into three units;

  • Unit A: Establishing an awareness of self within the Transpersonal concept.
  • Unit B: Counselling: Skills, ethics, theory and process.
  • Unit C: The Mind/body connection: Energy exchange and the Wounded Healer.

Course Duration

The course will be run over one weekend per month, for 9 months. Where possible this is the first Saturday and Sunday of the month.

Personal Study

In addition to attending the course training you will also be required to undertake;

  • Ongoing assessment of skills, both by course tutor and peers.
  • A portfolio, evidencing you acheivements on the course; this includes evaluating your personal response to the course content and thoughts for further development, self assessment reflecting on the purpose and further potential through attending the course and constructive comment on peer participation in group exercises.
  • Evidence of student participation in receiving personal counselling throughout the course duration.

Course Information

  • Assessment and accreditation:
    There is ongoing assessment of skills, both by peers, and the tutor. Written assessment is in the form of log pages geared towards fulfilling assessment criteria which not only covers an understanding of the course content but also personal response to content and thoughts for further development.
    Group diary entries are assessed for the ability to constructively comment on peer participation in group exercises.
    Students, through self assessment will reflect on the following questions:
  • Why am I on this course?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Where do I expect it to lead?
    These make up a portfolio evidencing their achievements.
  • All successful students will receive a College of Healing Certificate.
  •  Students are expected to receive ongoing counselling throughout the duration of the course.
  • All students are expected to complete a questionnaire giving details of prior learning and experience. Either counselling skills training or experience in one-to-one listening work either paid or voluntary is expected.
  • Course tutor: Annie Drury
  • Course venue: Central Great Malvern 
  • 18 days (9 weekends) in total
  • Dates for the next course starting 2018: 8/9 Sept 2018; 15/16 Sept 2018; 3/4 Nov 2018; 10/11 Nov 2018;  12/13 Jan 2019; 19/20 Jan 2019; 9/10 Mar 2019; 16/17 Mar 2019; 11/12 May 2019
  • Total cost of attendance on this course: £1,800.00 We are happy to accept staged payments in advance.

For more information please contact Fran Doidge by email:  fran@collegeofhealing.org or mob: 07442 497 263


The course was extremely inspiring and educational. It not only gave me great in-site into the history
and knowledge of counselling but it also helped me personally. During the course we were not only
able to learn and follow the teachings but also practice in our own environments. Now after the
course this experience has followed through to help me in all areas in life. I really enjoyed the time
with Annie and the rest of the group. It was an experience that I very much enjoyed and I gained
great inspiration and knowledge . JG

A few years ago I went on Annie Drury’s HICC course. A big commitment for me as I had to travel
quite away to get to the venue …and it did mean sometime away from home each month for 12

My experience was fabulous. Meeting the others on the course was an experience in its self. Each of
us feeling extremely safe to share our thoughts and feelings. Not only that, but to experience Annie
Drury in action. Watching a case unfold in front of us. I felt incredibly privileged and in so much
admiration for the person who volunteered to be taken through a therapy session for us all to
witness. Tremendous learning for us all, but I have never ever forgotten it, and to this day it reminds
me everyday, when clients come to me, how far I can take that person. Knowing what I am capable
of and what I am not.

I finished that course with so much power in my soul to help others. It really showed me what I
wanted to do but also showed me what I didn’t want to do. It made things quite clear for me. I
would like to think that I have helped so many people now over the years since that course.

I learnt a lot about myself, a lot about others and a lot about how life can be for others. I thought I
knew it all. Or a good deal, but this course certainly made me richer mentally, emotionally and
spiritually…and of course you never stop learning, but I still use so many of the techniques from that
course to this day. JC