Introductory Workshops

Self-Care-Self-healing2The College of Healing currently offers introductory workshops on:

Self Care, Self-Healing (Part 1)
Spiritual and Energy Healing (Part 2)

These two-day workshops have been developed for people who have very little, if any knowledge of Self Care, Self-Healing and Spiritual and Energy Healing.
The workshops introduce you to a fundamental understanding of the subjects allowing you to apply your newly learned skills to be able to Heal yourself and offer Healing to your family and your friends.

These workshops are particularly beneficial for the caring professions; social workers, teachers and other public service workers.

In 2019 we are also running a unique event, “Finding the Internal Balance”, on 16th June, within the Unesco World Heritage site, Ironbridge.

  • A guided workshop for those who wish to explore the Soul, Mind, Emotional and Physical Bodies to give the Body Balance and Harmony within a Chaotic World.
  • A look into the understanding of how energy flows and operates.

The Introductory Workshops are offered with various venues and dates – for more information please click here to see the Events Calendar.

Workshop Topics

Part 1 – Self Care, Self Healing Workshop

The content of the Self Care, Self Healing workshop is designed to help you to increase balance in your life. The workshop provides both practical and theoretical information on lifestyle choices, making positive changes to your life and Healing yourself.

  • Lifestyle; understanding how your lifestyle choices impact on your health.
  • The link between spirit, mind and body;  understanding how the balance between these can impact on our health.
  • Relaxation, centring and grounding; staying anchored to reality and balanced under pressure.
  • Making positive changes to your life.
  • Coping with Stress.
  • Meditation and its value.
  • Balancing the Aura.
  • Understanding the Chakras.
  • Visualisation techniques.

For more information please click here to see the Events Calendar.

Part 2 – Spiritual and Energy Healing Workshop

Healing-Introductory-Courses-Lily2The Spiritual and Energy Healing workshop will further develop your skills and understanding of Healing, allowing you to give Healing to family and friends.

  • What is Spiritual and Energy Healing?
  • Reading and balancing others’ Aura.
  • Understanding the Chakras, in relation to each other.
  • Channelling Healing energy.
  • How to give distant Healing.
  • How to give one-to-one Healing.

For more information please click here to see the Events Calendar.

Workshop Duration

  • Workshop duration is a total of 16 hours.
  • Attendance of these workshops will vary according to region and the availability of the facilitator and may be one evening or day per week or over one weekend.

Personal Study

In addition to attending the Introductory Workshops you are encouraged to develop the various skills you have been taught.

Workshop Information

  • These workshops are run in various parts of the country including Malvern, Warrington, East Sussex, Hampshire, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Bath and Loughborough. For more information on workshop venues and dates please click here to see the Events Calendar.
  • Total cost of attending each workshop is £100, with £50.00 deposit payable on booking. Bank transfer, cash or cheque payments are accepted.
  • Workshop fees include all materials.  You will also receive a certificate on completion of the workshop.

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