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Françoise Gayraud, Practitioner Course graduate, 2018

“For me the concept of Healing belonged to a gifted person who had special and natural talents to heal people.
You don’t need a course to become a Healer, you are or you are not.
This misconception was soon demystified through an evident example which I witnessed once I was on holiday. This made me think about it and led me to commit myself to joining in the College of Healing.
For me the course was a process of self development and a long search for understanding my true identity. In addition to the practical techniques to learn how to become a healer, my understanding changed completely. As I came from a scientific background where practical and sustainable research is marked through a valid and reliable evidence, I was critical of the process and needed to have concrete evidence of my learning practice.
The College provided this research as an integral part of the teaching and it soon allowed me to perceive and embrace the true spiritual and energetic concept of Healing.
During the course the group blended together and became another integrated part of the learning process.
The quality of teaching entailed professionalism in teaching the structures, techniques and skills combined with robust support to ensure the emotional and psychological developments of the trainees.
The College taught me valuable skills but also a sense of respect and reverence for healing. Every time I practice healing as a professional, I keep in mind that I am a humble vessel helping a person to travel and find their way in order to reach their own destination. It is a continuous process where the journey for both the healer and the person receiving the healing is a path of self- discovery”.

Sarah Cowell, Practitioner course graduate 2016

“I attended the Practitioner course along with 6 other students. I found it both Challenging and exhilarating at the same time. I learnt so much about myself as a person and I grew and changed so much.
The lessons were interesting and discussion between tutors and students were both welcomed and encouraged. Carried out in a positive learning environment.
Each subject was discussed in practical, down to earth terms.
The notes given by the tutors were clear, concise and well written they broke each subject down into basics which I found clear to understand. If I didn’t understand I had no hesitation in speaking up in class or to the tutor. I was always treated with respect and consideration and no question was ever considered too basic to be answered.
The tutors worked very hard to support all the students, and were available out of class, by mutual time agreed slots, for issues that came up whilst writing notes or researching.
I found the written work needed very thorough and it allowed me to explore in depth the given subject.
The practical experiences were always full of useful tips, carried out in a calm and relaxed environment with plenty of support.
Several of us had very long book wish lists by the end of the course.
I made some true friends on the Practitioner course and I have found that we have moved forward and grown together over the following years and courses we have attended.”