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Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence
Healer Description

Most people will agree that we have energy running through our physical bodies.
This is known as chi, spiritual energy, life force or prana. Chakras (the Sanskrit word for wheel) are energy points that vibrate and turn to channel that energy running through the body.
There is also an energetic field around us which is our Aura. Also known as the subtle bodies, these contain our emotional and mental energies. We believe all these energies are connected and if they become blocked or unbalanced, a mental or emotional problem may manifest as a physical ailment and vice versa.
Using hands off, relaxing, meditation and visualisation techniques we aim to help you to restore your physical and energetic bodies to balance and harmony and give you the tools to continue to help yourself.
By using Energy Healing on a stand alone basis or with the powerful combination of Healing and Therapeutic Massage using Raynor Naturopathic  Massage techniques, the Attention for your Tension therapist can help to treat your issues in both the physical and auric levels so you can continue to live the life  you want.

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