Annie Drury – MA FCPT, MCoHMA
UK Region:
Place: Brittany, France
Annie also works as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist offering self development, Soul Retrieval and Regression. Annie had tutored for the College on Healing and Integrative Counselling courses.
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: +33 2 96 29 91 43 or 07720 040417 – if using mobile number please send text messages only – I will call you back.
Josiane Adriaenssens
UK Region:
Place: Paris, France
In 2018, I received my diploma in Spiritual and Energy Healing. For more than 20 years, I have been interested in how to help and value ourselves and others. The way and the intention to do it could make a difference. If you wish to discuss a concern, no matter how small, then let’s do it together. It is 50/50 and we are sharing the power.
Business Phone Number: +44 778 3069 442 / +33 6 73 88 76 35
Mark Lambert – MCoHMA
UK Region:
Place: France
All forms of Healing, one to one and distant, including Negative Energy Clearing, Buildings and Environment.
Business Phone Number: +33 2 96299143 / +33 7 89 36 10 73