Hara Willow – MSc, MCoH, Cert. Couns., MYAI, MCoSH
Wirral and Ceredigion
I began training in counselling in 1988 and have been a shamanic practitioner since 1991. I joined the College of Healing in 1994 and have practiced spiritual and energy healing ever since.

I qualified both as a Transformational Yoga Teacher and achieved a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology in 2008 and then began fully incorporating shamanic and yogic practices into my healing work.

I am the only qualified Authentic Power Practitioner in the UK – a wonderful 4 year Mindfulness based spiritual-psychology training with Gary Zukav.
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07790 643216
Mair Tudor Lewis – M.F.Phys, MCoHMA
UK Region:
Aberystwyth and Tywyn
I have worked in the complementary health field for most of my adult life, initially in bodywork through the medium of intuitive massage and energy balancing and developing into mind/body connections.
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01970 832490