North West England

Hara Willow – MSc, MCoH, Cert. Couns., MYAI
Place: Wirral and Ceredigion
I began training in counselling in 1988 and have been a shamanic practitioner since 1991. I joined the College of Healing in 1994 and have practiced spiritual and energy healing ever since. I qualified both as a Transformational Yoga Teacher and achieved a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology in 2008 and then began fully incorporating shamanic and yogic practices into my healing work. I am the only qualified Authentic Power Practitioner in the UK – a wonderful 4 year Mindfulness based spiritual-psychology training with Gary Zukav. I have been running regular Meditation, Healing and Personal/Spiritual development groups in Wirral and Wales since 2002.
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Business Phone Number: 0151 632 3261 – 0151 632 3261 – 07790 643216
Kam Tunningley – BSc, Hons, MCoHMA
Place: Warrington
Life today is challenging, stressful often leading to feeling stuck, relationship difficulties, confusion and ultimately ill health. I am passionate about helping my clients to be and feel free the best they can by helping to bring clarity, balance and harmony into life, relationships a
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Business Phone Number: 01943 466647 or 07854 762790
Sue Lean – MCoHMA
Place: Dorrington, Shropshire
Sue has been practicing healing for over ten years. She ia alo trained an works as a Yoga Teacher and Therapeutic Massage Therapist.
Business Phone Number: 01743 719438